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BIKE CHALLENGE IS THE BIGGEST CYCLING, AMATEUR EVENT IN POLAND, in which professionals, amateurs and families with children challenge themselves at the same time and in the same place. The race is an exclusive licensee of the International Cycling Union UCI. The cycle ‘UCI Gran Fondo World Series’ is a series of competitions organized all over the world, including Dubai and St. Tropez. Bike Challenge is not only a sporting event, but above all an event accompanied by multiple activities and a great way of spending time for families with children.

No, you can buy the starting pack without creating an account on Allegro. Just add the item to the shopping cart.

First, check your SPAM. Make sure that the email address assigned to your Allegro account is the same that you are checking. If you do not find the message with the code, please contact the Competition Office.

No, children riding in a trailer, car seats, tandems do not need to have the starting pack.

Poland has joined the group of 15 countries around the world such as the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and France (Saint Tropez), where the official Qualifying for the World Cup UCI Series Gran Fondo World Series is held. The license is awarded to only one organization in a given country. It means that we are the only ones who can organize such competitions in Poland.

A detailed schedule of the competition will be given a month before the race. The estimated schedule one is available on our website under Schedule tab.

Yes, the roads on the race route will be closed to car traffic and fully secured.

In the general category, in terms of age, type of bike- the details are described in the regulations.

You can ride on any bicycle, except for the electric one. It is forbidden to use any adapters to the handlebar.

Events in the Bike Challenge series are directed in particular to the amateurs, both more and less advanced. Professionals can also take part in the Bike Challenge races, but they are subject to a separate classification.

First, you have to purchase a starting pack for a chosen city and distance. Packages are available exclusively on Allegro. Within 48 hours we will send an e-mail containing a special code. You just need to use it on and complete the registration form.

The starting pack can be picked up at the Competition Office. It will be opened for 3 days, just before the competition. If you cannot pick it up in person, you can ask someone to do it for you. This person must have an authorization signed by you and a scan your ID card. The authorization form is available on the website in the Downloads tab.

No, to pick up the starting pack you must be accompanied by your legal guardian or an adult authorized by the guardian. The authorization form is available on the website in the Downloads tab.

You cannot resell or pass along the starting pack. If a person with another person's starting pack will cause an accident, it may be the person who sold the starting pack, that will be held responsible for the accident.

Yes, there is a limit of participants on each distance. These limits are dependent on the city. The limits are available in the Rules.

You start in the race at your own risk. We recommend the purchase of an additional insurance.

Yes, the day before the competition the Shimano service will be available. Also, during the event there will be service cars on the route equipped with spare tires and necessary tools.

Time measurement will be conducted at all distances, except for 5 km distance. The results will be available on the notice boards on cycling campus and on our website .

Yes, there will be two zones on each routes, hydro and feeding. Isotonics and water will be available in the hydro zone, chocolate in the feed zone. What is important, littering is forbidden! 200 meters before and 200 meters behind the feed zone, there will be the ECO zone, where you will be able to throw out the garbage. If the judge will catch a contestant littering in the other areas of the route, he or she will be punished by disqualification.

Time limits on individual distances are as follows: 120 km 6 hours, 50-40 km 3 hours, 18-14 km 1.5 hours.

In this situation, you have to go down the route. At the end of the race there will be a special bus, which will be available for anyone who will not be able to finish the race.

The players will be set at the start on the basis of the declared average speed and the type of a bike. Sector A will be accessible only to road bikes.

Yes, the storage room will be available for the competitors.

Yes, you will be able to use the changing room and shower.

Yes, information about available parking spaces can be found on our website, on the map of the town of competition.

Yes, there will be awards in age categories and in the general category. Each adult race participant can also take part in the lottery.

Yes, the helmet is mandatory for each participant of the race. No helmet means disqualification.

If you need medical assistance - call 112. In the starting pack you will find a sticker with all the necessary numbers.

All the comments related to the Bike Challenge organization should be reported to our Competition Office, via e-mail: and

Place the large card with the number on your back. Small - in front of the handlebar. Chip sticker should be placed on the seat post. Smaller labels will be used by the photographers to identify the competitors - stick them on the front and right side of the helmet.

You cannot change the selected distance. Please consider your decision before making the choice.

If a child is 14-year-old or less, then the parent, legal guardian or authorized person must necessarily start with him or her. It is necessary to purchase the starting pack for both the child and the caregiver. Young people aged from 15 to 18 can compete individually, but must have the consent of a parent or legal guardian to start in the competition. Consent form is available on the website in the “Downloads" tab.

Yes. A person cycling with the child must have a declaration signed by the parents authorizing him of her to look after the child on the route. Consent form is available on the website in the “Downloads" tab.

You can leave your bike on a guarded cycle parking. Remember that to leave and pick up a bike, you need to have your starting number with you.

Service teams will take your bike and will transport it to the storage room.

According to the rules, the winners are awarded in person, only at the award ceremony.

Together with starting pack, you will receive: starting number, commemorative T-shirt, chip measuring time, armband authorizing access to the finisher zone and gadgets from the sponsors.

You do not have to have a medical check-up to start the race. However, we recommend testing for high blood pressure and ECG as well as taking the performance tests. If you are not sure of your health, be sure to contact your doctor.

Unofficial results will appear on the notice boards and on the website of the competition right after the race. What is more, you will get a text message with the information about your time and place.Gdzie i kiedy mogę sprawdzić swój wynik?

Contact STS Timing – company responsible for timekeeping during the competitions.

No, it is forbidden to use headphones and talk on the phone during the race. However, you can carry a phone with an application that measures the distance, for example Kręć Kilometry.

On the road there are cones defining the path which you have to follow. There are signs on the route every 10 km and 5 km, 1 km, 500 m, 200 m, 100 m before the finish line.

A suitable distance will be the longest one that you have ever completed + 25%

Yes, each competitor will receive drinks and food in the finisher’s zone.